The Crime Suppression Bureau is responsible for the investigation of illicit drug activity in accordance with Federal and State statutes as well as local ordinances.  The means by which this is accomplished varies, along with the techniques that are employed.  At times it is feasible to identify the activity and effect an arrest immediately, while in other instances, long arduous investigations are required which may employ the use of confidential informants, undercover officers and the general cooperation of the community.

The Hackensack Police Crime Suppression Bureau actively cultivates a high degree of community involvement to assist in enforcement and prevention of drug abuse.  The detectives in this bureau are committed, dedicated and self-motivated in their effort to protect our streets, our residents, and our children against the distribution and use of illicit drugs.

Gang Awareness

Detectives from the Crime Suppression Bureau educate the community by providing power point presentations on gang awareness. By taking a proactive approach, the Crime Suppression Bureau can deter gangs from attempting to recruit the youth of our community. For further information, contact 201-646-7750.