Bureau Commander

Lt. Ryan Weber

The members of the Hackensack Police Detective Bureau are responsible for conducting follow-up investigations for crimes committed against persons and property, including violations of the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice.  The Detective Bureau is responsible for numerous investigative functions within the department including but not limited to:

  • Megan’s Law Sex Offender Monitoring and Registry
  • Investigation of all persons and property crimes
  • Asset forfeitures
  • Fraud
  • Computer/electronic crimes
  • Identity theft
  • Sex crimes/crimes of violence
  • Inter-agency investigations and intelligence
  • Review of all sales of second-hand jewelry
  • Preparation of cases for Pre-Indictment Screening through the Bergen County Prosecutors Office.
  • Investigations and the enforcement and compliance of  Alcohol Beverage Control laws and regulations
  • Employment background investigations

The Detective Bureau investigates as well as reviews criminal cases initially handled by the Patrol Bureau as well as investigations that are self-initiated by detectives. Criminal cases are evaluated by the Bureau Commander and Bureau Lieutenant and assigned to investigative personnel for further investigation. A computerized case management system is utilized to track the progress of the investigative cases and the performance of the assigned Investigator. Investigative personnel is cross-trained to investigate the miscellaneous and distinct crimes that occur within the City. Due to the dynamic changes in Administrative rules and Legislative decisions, there is a constant necessity for continual training to keep abreast of current methods and trends.