Bureau Commander

Lt. Anthony DiPersia

The School Threat Assessment and Crime Prevention Bureau works
closely with local school officials to foster a safe and secure learning
environment for the youth of the City.

School Resource Officer Program

School Resource Officers (SRO) / Class III Special Officers (SLEO
III) – responsible officer(s) have direct contact with high school and
middle school students, guardians, and school officials. The SRO
patrols the high school and the middle school to educate, preserve
the peace, and protect persons and property within the school
community, while enforcing federal, state, and local laws. One of
the SRO’s main goals is to provide a positive relationship between
the student, staff, and law enforcement community.

Crime Prevention/LEAD Unit

Responsible for instructing the LEAD program in all K thru 6th grade classes.

The Hackensack Police Youth Academy

The Hackensack Police Youth Academy is a one-week academy held during the summer months. The goal of the Police Youth Academy is to give each recruit an idea of the type of training that is required to become a police officer, while allowing Police Officers the ability to bond with the youth of our community. The five-day curriculum includes various presentations from guest law enforcement agencies, field trips, military drill and physical training. The Hackensack Police Youth Academy started in 2001 and has graduated an average of 85 cadets each year. We are looking forward to the start of each class; registration begins in May. For further information contact the School Threat Assessment and Crime Prevention Bureau at 201-646-7730.